Artist talk at Vernissage weekend of the 2018 Adelaide Biennial ‘Divided Worlds’ between John R Walker and 2018 Adelaide Biennial curator, Erica Green. The talk took place in front of the monumental series, Oratunga Burra Suite.



Varia Karipoff interviews John R Walker January 2018 ART GUIDE

Glenn Barkley in conversation with John R Walker, Drill Hall Gallery 2015

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John R Walker interviewed by Sorrel Wilby. Painting Australia series, Program #3 ABC TV, 2007.Australian Broadcasting Corporation Library Sales


John R Walker interviewed in his studio by Annika Harrisson for Allens Art Journal 2012.

'Ridgewalking Paddock' 2007 archival oil on polyester canvas 136 x 183.5cm. Collection of Allens Arthur Robinson.

‘Ridgewalking Paddock’ 2007 archival oil on polyester canvas 136 x 183.5cm. Allens Art Collection.


John R Walker extensive interview in Artist Profile magazine Number 6 2009



J R Walker Podcast interview with Sean O’Brien at the S H Ervin Gallery, May 2008


“John’s evocative descriptions of his creative process, makes for one of the most fascinating interviews I’ve ever recorded on the subject of painting.” Sean O’Brien


Painting Australia series, Program #3 ABC  TV, 2007. Clip of John R Walker interviewed by Sorrel Wilby. Australian Broadcasting Corporation Library Sales


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