John R. Walker, best known for his landscape paintings, has been exhibiting for over three decades…his works are often sizable and tend to have a carefully spare yet complex and contemplative nature. In particular, his Australia landscapes vibrate with a musicality while …hinting at ridges, expanse and horizons. Rather than represent a single viewpoint…Walker has developed a way to express a fugue-like structure – a set of interwoven elements to invoke being in place. To explain…the frequency of the remote desert hills of South Australia’s Oratunga [Flinders Ranges], Walker sent a link to Armenian sacred music. In the track, a lone mezzo-soprano voice soars in the meandering style of Eastern hymns, moving in pitch as a wind does as it moves across the terrain. Poetry, philosophy and music are inextricably linked to Walker’s visual language.

Varia Karipoff, Interview in Art Guide 16 January 2018