Drawing out: Dobell Australian Drawing Biennial 2014

Drawing out is the first in a series of curated exhibitions on contemporary Australian drawing to be held every two years – the Dobell Australian Drawing Biennial – at the Art Gallery of New South Wales, following the acclaimed Dobell Prize for Drawing (1993–2012).

From Anne Ryan’s catalogue essay: “Of gouache, Walker says: ‘I love the lumpiness of it…its got a lot of pigment density. Even when it’s knocked back it still has a deep echo quality to it, like the deep notes of an organ’ …. With the barest of means and with the speed and spontaneity that comes with long practice and persistence, Walker conveys multiple narratives…that reveal the rich complexity and boundless possibilities of a very particular place.”


Dobell install#3
Installation shot with framed Chain of ponds, Gillamatong Creek and part of 10 panel gouache work, Little River Rd, Thursday morning.


Dobell install#2
installation shot


installation shot showing all 4 works: top left: The Darling River – near Capon Shearing Shed; bottom left: Untitled; middle: Chain of ponds, Gillamatong Creek (2 panels) ; longways to Right: Little River Rd, Thursday morning (10 panels).


Dobell install#1
Little River Road, Thursday morning 2011, 10 panel gouache on archival paper, 75 cm x 1500 cm.
13075-JRW  Chain of Ponds, Gillamatong Creek
Chain of ponds, Gillamatong Creek 2013, 2 panel gouache on archival paper
Untitled 2010 JRW
Untitled 2010, gouache on archival paper
13062 The Darling River - Near Capon Shearing Shed
The Darling River – near Capon Shearing Shed 2013, gouache on archival paper