2015 Here I give thanks… Drill Hall Gallery, Canberra

‘For some reason it is easier for me to make poetry out of the ugly, damaged and abandoned than out of the more obviously beautiful. Points of change, places of transition…grab me for some reason. I do not really know why.’  John R Walker 2015

Installation shots, from L to R, and top to bottom in order: Sandholes Rd, Easter 2014; Mesh 2011 and Sandholes Rd, Easter 2014; Revisiting the boat on the bank 2002, Table under the trees 2008 and CH crossing the Shoalhaven 2001; CH crossing the Shoalhaven 2001; (foreground) detail of A walk at Hill End 16/6/2002 and 3/7/2002 concertina artist book and Sidney Nolan’s Riverbend 1965; installation shot with Six days in Bundanon and here I give thanks to Boyd 2001 in the background; (foreground) Tanja April 2013 concertina artist book.

More images here from the exhibition on The Curators’ Department website.