2010 The Shed Utopia Art Sydney

'Shed Interior' 2010 archival oil on polyester canvas 177 x 475cm.


"The Enigma of Arrival" 2010 archival oil on polyester canvas 181 x 476 cm.

In June 2009, I visited the historic outlying property of Durham Hall. At the back of the old house, there is the remains of the original wattle and daub shack that was the first building erected c.1830s. It was subsequently extended and converted into a shed, held up over the years by an ancient overgrown wysteria vine. Wandering around in the interior of the shed in the filtered greenish light, I was struck by the piles of old tools, bottles and boxes covered in dust and grime and the fact that many of the tools’ usages were no longer comprehensible: a strange interior human landscape of visible metaphor for memory and history… I started work on a body of work called The Shed.              John R Walker 2010