2014 Terroir big land pictures Orange Regional Gallery

2014 Terroir big land pictures Orange Regional Gallery

15 March to 27 April 2014

Orange Regional Gallery


exhibition catalogue

Walker is an episodic artist. He prefers formats that in some way embody an unfolding. This is an obvious and inevitable feature of the ‘concertina’ sketchbooks books that allow him to encompass a landscape subject in two or three pages – or to allow it to spread over six, seven or a dozen sheets. Yet even on a large scale, the multi-panel paintings with their subtly different viewpoints of the same motif, suggest an unfolding view – seeing over time, experience from multiple angles and distances.

His approach could be described as cinematic – long view cuts to close-up, sweeping shot cuts to stills, a picture builds through different angles. It is not surprising that the artist talks about his early enthusiasm for film.

Yet, he remains a painter, not a film-maker, working with the demands of his chosen medium, through thick and thin. His engagement with paint has now taken place over four decades and through perseverance he has found a new way to express the particular qualities of the Australian landscape.”  Andrew Sayers 2013

Orange JRW #1

Orange JRW #2b

Walker Orange 2

Walker Orange 3

Orange JRW #4

Walker Orange 4

Walker Orange 6

Orange JRW #5

OrangeJRW #7

Orange JRW #6

Walker Orange 5

Walker Orange people 2

Walker Orange 7

Orange JRW #9

Walker Orange people

Orange JRW #10

Orange JRW #2



Orange JRW + Stephen Doyle
(L) John R Walker discussing aspects of terroir with Stephen Doyle (R), winemaker and owner of Bloodwood Wines in Orange at the opening of the exhibition on Saturday 15 March 2014.


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